Different beds for different lifestyles

Different beds for different lifestyles

You might not realise it but your bed can say a lot about you. We all know that our homes are seen as a reflection of our true personalities and our bedrooms are one of the most personal rooms in our homes. It is the one place we can truly shut out the world after a hard day and relax. The bedroom is the place we go to in our moments of joy and sadness and all that is in between. The key feature of any bedroom is the bed.Different beds for different lifestyles


It is often said that different beds reflect different lifestyles; those which are messy with clothes, scarves and half read books scattered across them are thought to belong to those who have hectic lifestyles or have just started new jobs or other activities. They are thought to be beds of people who lead busy lives and how don’t have time to tidy up. Of course these types of beds might just belong to people who don’t want to tidy up no matter how busy or quiet their lives are! Many people find having their belongings around them comforting or even adding to the warmth of the bed.

So by this token those who have a neatly made bed with everything in its place, clothes in the wardrobe and books on the bedside table must lead less hectic lives. They must have the time to tidy everything away, well for many People this assumption couldn’t be more wrong, many like to start the day as actively as possible and having a tidy bed, bedroom and home is seen as a sign of a tidy mind.
When it comes to looking at peoples beds you can often tell the type of lifestyle they lead by looking at it but it is important to realise there is more beyond whether the bed is made or not!

You can also find a great deal about a person by the type of bed they have, made or otherwise. Wooden beds can show a certain individual streak, especially if it matches the rest of the furniture in a room.

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