Energy Efficient Industrial Laundry Machines

Commercial, institutional and industrial facilities such as restaurants and hotels, universities, nursing homes and even factories or manufacturing units employ the services of industrial laundry machines. The laundry facilities make use of large volumes of water that are necessary for both the rinse and wash cycles. The functioning of steam-heated dryers, reclamation of dry solvent and steam pressing equipments are dependent, to an extent, on the water supply of the laundry units.

Energy Efficient Industrial Laundry Machines
The usual washer-extractor machines that are used by a majority of the laundry units operate with the help of a rotating drum that provides the necessary momentum during the wash and rinse cycles. A large number of the industrial washing machines equipped with washer extractors make use of fresh water for the rinse and wash cycles. The capacity of each of these washer extractors varies with the size of the washing machines.  These range from 25 to 400 dry pounds for each wash load and consequently make use of 2.5 to 3.5 gallons of water for every pound of laundry.

Before purchasing an industrial washing machine, it is necessary to ensure that the mechanism consumes less water. Water efficiency measures that might be adopted in the case of industrial washing machines include:

  • It should be capable of conducting its functions with full loads
  • Capable of working at reduced water levels when the washer is only half filled
  • Replacement of the regular commercial clothes washers with high efficiency washers as this would help to save 80% of energy and water consumption
  • Replacement of the existing models to save on water usage
  • Installation of a wash and rinse water treatment and reclamation unit
  • Installation of a continuous batch washer

These washing systems come equipped with industrial tumble dryers that are necessary for drying a huge bulk of washables.

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