Some Useful Home Security Tips

Providing proper home security as against common misconception is not that much costly to afford.  Some common anti burglary measures and a few home security measures would be enough to provide full security to your home and at the same time shall not strain your budgets.

Here are some of the tips to provide wholesome security to your home:

  • Break in is generally attempted at front door. So install security alarm at the front door to prevent burglary and theft. You need not install those throughout the house. Make sure that those are battery operated so that you need have to bear the burden of increasing electricity bill.
  • Instead of small security locks install death bolts at both the front and backdoors. This would provide you more security assurance than those lightweight locks. You can put those death bolts at the windows too.
  • If the front door of your house is a sliding one then also you can install a death bolt along with it fix locks at the top and bottom of the door in order to be extra secured. You can use anti lift devices for these doors.
  • A dark house attracts the burglars more. So make proper arrangements for lightning up the house and compound. To avoid the increased electric bill you can use solar panel as the electricity source.
  • Construct a good fence round your house that would be the first line of your defense which would be quite difficult for the burglars or the thieves to breach. You can use a thorny fence and barbed wires for fencing the compound.

It is not necessary to sacrifice the beauty of your house for the sake of the safety. For fencing the compound you can use thorny plants that too have aesthetic looks. Rose or holly is good examples of such plants.

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