The Benefits of Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

Are your clothes out of control? Does your wardrobe get in the way? Do you want to save space? Then you need fitted bedroom wardrobes.

My mother always used to say ‘a tidy room is a tidy mind’ and much as I hate to admit it – she was right.

You know the feeling you get when you have a really good sort out, get rid of the junk and get everything tidied away? You feel calm, relaxed and in control, but it never lasts long, does it?

Well, when you choose fitted bedroom wardrobes you can keep hold of that feeling all the time. This is because you can create a bespoke bedroom and design your wardrobes exactly as you would want them.

Even if the space you’re filling isn’t particularly large, you’ll still be able to fit far more in than you would if your wardrobe was free standing.

There is so much choice available when it comes to designing fitted wardrobes that you’ll easily find the ideal form and finish for you.

You can design your wardrobe doors to fit in with your tasteswhether you love the warmth of wood or are seeking the sleek finish of metal. You can opt for handles or choose sliding doors to emphasise the clean lines of the design.

Narcissists out there can opt for a mirror finish, which will add a sense of depth to your room; but if you don’t want stare at yourself all day a shiny lacquer will emphasise the sense of space.

You can really go to town designing your wardrobe interior and split it just as you see fit. Pull out shoe storage could help you hide your shoe addiction more easily. A rotating tie rack is great for working professionals.

You’ll be able to design your space to fit bulky or hard to store items like duvets, boxes or jewellery. When you choose a fitted wardrobe youcan create a place for everything, from handbags to hair clips and everything in between.

Serious shoppers will have somewhere to stash their latest purchases and there’ll be no more arguments about who gets the biggest side of the wardrobe.

In fact, fitted wardrobes are ideal for couples because each wardrobe side can be designed differently to suit each partner, so that everyone gets the space that they want.

They’re great for kid’s bedrooms too because you can hide away all those toys easily and still have plenty of room for clothes, board games and roller skates.

For a finishing touch that will make your wardrobe really fantastic don’t forget to include lights in your design. What could be better than an interior light that switches on when you open your wardrobe door? Interior lights will allow you to see all your things clearly so no more rummaging around looking for that necklace or belt.

Interior lights make for ultimate ease of use and if you choose Perspex doors your lights will emanate a soft glow in your bedroom.

So choose fitted wardrobes to get organised and create the best in bedroom designs.

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