The Right Bed Means a Healthy Back

Although people are frequently unaware of their daily activities and the effect that these can have on one’s body, there are some activities that may not be thought of as strenuous but can result in minor aches and pains and cause chronic back problems in the long term. One of them is sleeping, which plays a major role in one’s daily life. Some people can experience early morning back pain and usually attribute it to something they did the previous day and not to their bed. The fact is that the condition of one’s bed and the way people position themselves in bed while they sleep can contribute to the health or lack thereof of their backs. One of the major factors that can help to make for a healthy back is the right kind of bed.

The right kind of bed that makes for a healthy back is one that provides the proper support. Often people will put a piece of plywood under a mattress, thinking it will help to support their backs. The truth of the matter is that this does not provide any help, as, with a soft mattress there is still too material that is soft between one’s body and the wood that the spine still gets too little support.

The right kind of bed is one that is firm with a box spring and mattress that are orthopedically designed. The cost of these may seem terrifyingly expensive at first but when one takes into consideration how much money people spend on monthly car payments and how much time the average person spends in that vehicle on a daily basis and compares that with how much time one spends in bed, the cost becomes less significant.

There are different types of mattresses and the one that is best for an individual depends on that person’s specific preferences. In addition to conventional box springs and mattresses, there are air mattresses and water beds, the latter of which can have a therapeutic effect when filled with the proper amount of water. It is well known that the water’s heat can keep one’s back more limber as they sleep but a water bed with too much or too little water can make ones back stiff in the morning. It can also cause a restless night’s sleep.

The best way to find out what mattress is best is to go to a mattress store and try out the various types of mattresses to see how much support they provide. This is done by lying on the bed in the usual sleep position, either on your back or side but not on your stomach, and having someone else look at you to see if your back and spine are aligned correctly. If they are, this means that a straight line can be drawn starting at the ear, then going through the shoulder and ending up at the hip joints on one side of your body. If you share a bed with someone else, that person needs to lie in bed along with you before this can be done, as the additional weight on the mattress will make a difference in the amount of support that you get.

Following these tips can help you to find the right bed that will give you the support you need while sleeping and help you to keep your back healthy.

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