Trendy window blinds could help keep the home cool

Homeowners without energy efficient windows could opt for window blinds to keep their homes cool.

Fitting trendy window blinds across the home could be a cost effective way for homeowners to keep their homes cool during the hot summer months, it has been stated.

Record hot temperatures are expected following one of the driest starts to the year in recent times, which has already resulted in a hosepipe ban in the north-west by United Utilities.

While energy efficient windows could be handy in keeping the home cooler during the hot summer months, those who cannot afford them yet could opt for window blinds, one expert claimed.

According to home improvement specialist Jon Sims, whites, off-whites, neutral colours and earth tones are trendy and the most economical, yet aesthetically pleasing options are two-inch faux-wood blinds, Reporter News revealed.

In addition to boosting the decor of the home, window blinds can also offer privacy and security by preventing people or opportunistic burglars from seeing what is contained in the residence.

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