Using Your Basement the Right Way

Using Your Basement the Right Way

Using Your Basement the Right WayImage Courtesy:

A basement often has the ill fate of becoming that dirty, dismal and long forgotten room to hold all the stuff in your house that may be a bit tough to throw away, and yet too outdated and useless for you.

However, this ill fated storeroom can be converted into some of the most amazing places you can imagine in your house.

The height, size and the design of your house can let you convert your basement into one of the following:

  1. A small pub
  2. A recreation room – with pool tables, card table, etc
  3. A perfect room for entertainment – like a home theater
  4. A music room
  5. A gym
  6. Your lab or workshop
  7. An extra room, like a guest room (you can even rent it out!)
  8. A kids room
  9. Your home office
  10. A photography studio!

Consider all these options and think about what would suit your family and yourself. Transform your basement from that unwanted dusty room into something that your family has always wanted, and do more with the space available for you in home.

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